1966 Roll-call


sees the prolific John Mayall showcase Eric Clapton and any number of temporary replacements before Peter Green joins, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band command the biggest fee paid so far at the club. The Herd are popular at the Island, even before Peter Frampton joins them. While Clapton returns with his supergroup Cream, further appearances include Jimmy Witherspoon, Jimmy Cliff, Alan Price ……

January 1966

Sat. Jan 1st – The Green Leaf Band (£20)

Sat. Jan 8th – Alex Welsh Jazz Band (£45) from AC’s accounts

Sun. Jan 9th – Herbie Goins and The Nightimers (from Jennie Wyrill’s diary)

Sat. Jan 15th – Eric Silk and his Southern Jazz Band (£25) from AC’s accounts

Sat. Jan 22nd – Brian Green’s New Orleans Stompers (£25) from AC’s accounts

Sat. Jan 29th – Mike Daniels Delta Jazz Band (£40) from AC’s accounts

February 1966

Sat. Feb 5th – New Sedalia Jazz Band (£25) from AC’s accounts

Sun. Feb 6th – Jimmy James & The Vagabonds (£45)

Jimmy James and his cohorts were down for two separate sets tonight

Sat. Feb 12th – Steve Lane’s Southern Stompers (£25) from AC’s accounts

Sat. Feb 19th – Alan Elsdon (£40) from AC’s accounts

Sat. Feb 26th – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£40) from AC’s accounts

March 1966

Wed. Mar 2nd – The Train (£25) from AC’s accounts

Sat. Mar 5th – TiaJuana Jazz Band (£25) from AC’s accounts

Sun. Mar 6th – The Big T Soul Show feat. The Carols (£40)

Wed. Mar 9th – Heart And Soul (£25) from letter accompanying payment

Sat. Mar 12th –  Monty Sunshine’s Jazz Band (£40)

Monty Sunshine replaces the contracted Ken Colyer’s Jazzband according to AC’s accounts

Sun. Mar 13th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£40)

Wed. Mar 16th – The Artwoods (£60) only paid £40 plus £6 for ad to appear in Club Calendar Mar 19

Sat. Mar 19th – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£40)

Sun. Mar 20th – John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (£55)

With Jack Bruce having hied it over to Manfred Mann, John McVie is back on bass, having initially been elbowed on account of his drinking habit. Apparently tonight’s gig merited a rare advert in the Melody Maker

Wed. Mar 23rd – The Curfew ((£10) suggested by letter accompanying payment

Wed. Mar 23rd – The Graham Bond Organization (£75)

A stalwart of the British R&B / Jazz scene, Bond graduated from a brief stint in Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated before ultimately forming the Organisation (such an appropriate, if obvious, name given his Hammond-based tendencies), initially with Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and John McLaughlin. By now, however, Bruce was long gone, and McLaughlin’s guitar was replaced by Dick Heckstall-Smith’s sax, while Jon Hiseman came in for Ginger Baker, who had absconded with Bruce for pastures new. The fee paid tonight gives a clue as to how highly Bond was regarded

Sat. Mar 26th – Monty Sunshine’s Jazz Band (£40)

Sun. Mar 27th – Body And Soul (£10) from letter accompanying payment

Sun. Mar 27th – The Artwoods (£40) (£60 according to AC’s accounts)

Wed. Mar 30th – Mark Four (£25)

When bassist John Dalton later left to join the rather better known Kinks, The Mark Four themselves regrouped as the fondly referenced Creation, in which guitarist Eddie Phillips discovered the art of playing the guitar with a violin bow, long before Jimmy Page did the same trick. On the other hand, of course, he may have performed his party trick tonight

April 1966

Sat. Apr 2nd – Steve Lane’s Southern Stompers (£25) from AC’s accounts

Sun. Apr 3rd – John Lee & The Groundhogs (£50)

Wed. Apr 6th – The Artwoods (£40)

Sat. Apr 9th – Brian Green’s New Orleans Stompers (£25)

Sun. Apr 10th – The Jimmy Cliff Show (£50)

Having been signed by Chris Blackwell to his Island record label, strangely, given Blackwell’s own Jamaican roots and later promotion of Reggae as a musical genre, Jimmy Cliff was initially marketed for the ‘rock’, or more properly given the era, R&B audience, and thus was backed by the likes of The New Generation (featuring a young future Fairport mainstay, Dave Pegg), and The Sound System, who included a very young Ayshea in their ranks, some years before setting young lads’ pulses racing on TV’s “Lift Off”. Confusingly, I have seen references to The Soul System (precursors to The Attack) backing Cliff, but that appears to be someone getting their “Sound” and their “Soul” confused, as this is not so, having been repudiated by one of the band recently. As for Cliff, of course, Reggae indeed became the making of him in 1969/70 with “Many Rivers To Cross” and “Wonderful World, Beautiful People”, as well as a bunch of other hits, before becoming a Jamaican ‘superstar’ following his role in the movie “The Harder They Come” in 1972, and is still going strong today

Wed. Apr 13th – Micky Finn (£25)

Sat. Apr 16th – Alan Elsdon’s Jazz Band (£40)

Sun. Apr 17th – The Anzacs (£10)

Sun. Apr 17th – Jimmy Witherspoon (£60) from AC’s accounts

Wed. Apr 20th – John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (£40)

Two nights before this, a callow youth called Mick Taylor got the courage to ask Mayall if he could stand in for an obviously no-showing Clapton at a gig in Welwyn Garden City. I doubt he got the same chance tonight, though, but his time would come. On another occasion, recalled by Top Topham, when Clapton was late in showing, Robin Trower (later guitarist with Procol Harum before becoming quite big in his own right) got up on stage until he arrived

Sat. Apr 23rd – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£40)

Sun. Apr 24th – Mike Stuart Span (£10)

Sun. Apr 24th – The Herd (£40)

Wed. Apr 27th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£35)

Sat. Apr 30th – Terry Lightfoot’s Jazzband (£45)

May 1966

Sun. May 1st – A Q Blues Band (£10)

Sun. May 1st – The Artwoods (£60)

Wed. May 4th – The Alan Price Set (£50)

Was “Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear” in the Set’s set? I’m being flippant, but I’m sure “I Put A Spell On You” would have been

Fri. May 6th – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£30)

Fri. May 6th – John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (£40)

This apparently is the day following the photoshoot that yielded the famous ‘Beano’ shot for the “John Mayall Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton” LP cover. However, the presence of The Artwoods on the bill the same night (see below) suggests one of the bands did not appear: my money would be on The Artwoods indeed getting paid their dues tonight, though all three contracts for tonight were dated February 9th 1966, and it being a Friday, there may have been something special going on (there’s a mention on all three contracts of “Special Concession Fee”)

Fri. May 6th – The Artwoods (£40)

Fri. May 6th Champion Jack Dupree (£25) from letter accompanying payment

According to the same letter, Jack’s backing band, The Vagabonds were paid £50 in cash. Obviously a big night!

Sat. May 7th – Bill Nile’s Delta Jazzband (£25)

Sat. May 7th – Tia Juana [sic] Jazzband (£25) (See Sat May 21)

Sun. May 8th – Deakin Lewis Band (£10)

Sun. May 8th – The Vagabonds (£50) see above: also from AC’s accounts

Wed. May 11th – Don Shinn’s Soul Agents (£25)

Rod Stewart having left the fold, organist Don Shinn steps up to the plate. Doesn’t carry the same gravitas, really, though, to be fair, Rod did rate him, according to his autobiography. He had a couple of albums out in his own right at the end of the 60s, and went on to feature in Dada (alongside Elkie Brooks and Robert Palmer) and recorded with Renaissance. The letter accompanying payment by AC states “The Soul Agents seemed to have great difficulty in exceeding two three quarter hour spots with their programme. I think we ought to delete them from the list”!

Sat. May 14th – Monty Sunshine’s Jazz Band (£40)

Sun. May 15th – The Seventh Sun (£10)

Sun. May 16th [sic] – Herbie Goins and the Nightimers (£50)

Someone’s typing finger must have slipped when entering the date, clearly. At some stage this year, The Nightimers featured future jazz and fusion guitarist John McLaughlin 

Wed. May 18th – A Q Blues Band (£10)

Wed. May 18th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£35)

Wed. May 18th – John Lee’s Groundhogs (£40)

Sat. May 21st – Tiajuna [sic] Jazzband (£25)

“This cancels contract for Saturday May 7” 

Sat. May 21st – Bill Nile’s Delta Jazzband (£25)

The Tia Juna [sic] Jazzband were contracted to play tonight, though the contract is annotated with “This cancels contract for Saturday May 7”, so they must have swopped dates with Bill Nile’s Deltas from two weeks earlier, who was paid for tonight

Sun. May 22nd – The John Dummer Blues Band (£10)

Sun. May 22nd – The Jimmy Cliff Show (£50)

Wed. May 25th – Deakin Lewis Band (£10)

Wed. May 25th – The Artwoods (£40)

Sat. May 28th – Spencer’s Washboard Kings ((£40) (from payment letter)

Sun. May 29th – The Foot Prints (£10)

Sun. May 29th – John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (£55)

June 1966

Wed. Jun 1st – The Vibro (£10)

Wed. Jun 1st – The Worrying Kynde (£25)

Sat. Jun 4th – The Temperance Seven (£60)

Sun. Jun 5th – Deakin Lewis Band (£10)

Sun. Jun 5th – Champion Jack Dupree & The 5 Proud Walkers (£50)

The Walkers got £20 of this, according to the payment letter

Wed. Jun 8th – A Q Blues Band (£10)

Wed. Jun 8th – Jimmy Witherspoon (£50) from payment letter and from AC’s accounts

Sat. Jun 11th – The Delta Jazzband & Big Band (£40)

Sun. Jun 12th – The John Dummer Blues Band (£10)

Sun. Jun 12th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£40)

Sun. Jun 12th – The Artwoods (£60)

Sat. Jun 18th – Steve Lane’s Southern Stompers (£25)

Sun. Jun 19th – The Anzacs (£10)

Sun. Jun 19th – The Jimmy Cliff Show (£50)

Wed. Jun 22nd – The Kleek (£10)

Probably not to be confused with phonetically similar The Clique, who had two well-regarded singles the previous year, produced by Kinks manager Larry Page, and who could be seen as precursors to The Troggs. Which is a shame

Wed. Jun 22nd – The Graham Bond Organisation (£80)

Sat. Jun 25th – Mike Peter’s Jazzband (£25)

Sun. Jun 26th – The Tea Set (£10)

Formed for a contest to write a song called “Join the Tea Set”, this outfit won, thus gaining the name and a recording contract, apparently. It may have been the presence of this group on a bill in 1965 that caused another lot due to play at the same event, also calling themselves The Tea Set, to change their name to Pink Floyd

Sun. Jun 26th – The Artwoods (£65)

Wed. Jun 29th – Nocturnal (£10)

Wed. Jun 29th – Herbie Goins and the Nightimers (£50)

July 1966

Sat. Jul 2nd – The Washboard Kings (£40)

Sun. Jul 3rd – Saints and Sinners (£10)

Sun. Jul 3rd – The Mark Leman [sic] Five (£50)

The Mark Leeman Five sadly lost their eponymous leader in a motor accident a year before tonight. Roger Peacock had come in from The Cheynes as vocalist, but he would depart the following year to join Eel Pie regulars Dave Anthony’s Moods. Drummer Brian Davison would reappear a couple of years later with The Nice. However, AC’s payment letter details only £30 paid for a “replacement band”, so it’s likely The Mark Leeman Five were not on view tonight, with Soul System being referred to in Arthur Chisnall’s accounts 

Wed. Jul 6th – Deakin Lewis Band (£10)

Wed. Jul 6th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£35)

Fri. Jul 8th – The Stormsville Shakers

 (from http://www.stormsvilleshakers.com/bandhistory.html )

A Friday date is unlikely, as this was not the norm, unless it was one of those pesky college gigs

Sat. Jul 9th – Monty Sunshine’s Jazz Band (£40)

Sun. Jul 10th – The Seventh Sun (£10)

Sun. Jul 10th – John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (£60)

Wed. Jul 13th – The Tea Set (£10)

Wed. Jul 13th – The Worrying Kynde (£25)

Sat. Jul 16th – Ken Colyer’s Jazzband (£40)

Sun. Jul 17th – The Vibro (£10)

Sun. Jul 17th – Champion Jack Dupree & The 5 Proud Walkers (£50)

Sun. Jul 17th – The Artwoods (£65)

Wed. Jul 20th – A Q Blues Band (£10)

Wed. Jul 20th – The Mike Cotton Sound & Lucas (£35)

Lucas was Bruce MacPherson Lucas, another US soul-merchant trying his luck over here. By this time, Mike Cotton had further moved on to a soul/Stax vibe, and at some stage, a certain Reginald Dwight failed an audition for the changed line-up as well as a Joe Cocker. A music mag described Lucas as “the nearest thing to James Brown to be seen in England”: praise indeed, but that seems to refer to his charismatic stage presence rather than his vocal abilities

Sat. Jul 23rd – The London City Stompers (£25)

Sun. Jul 24th – The Deakin Lewis Band (£10)

Sun. Jul 24th – The Artwoods (£65)

Wed. Jul 27th – The John Dummer Blues Band (£10)

Wed. Jul 27th – The Herd (£35) from payment letter

Sat. Jul 30th – Alex Welsh and his Band (£45)

On the day that England won football’s World Cup, I just wonder what the atmosphere was like later that night when Alex Welsh took to the stage on the Island

Sun. Jul 31st – The Kleek (£10)

Sun. Jul 31st – Dave Antony’s Moods (£40)

August 1966

Wed. Aug 3rd – The Tea Set (£10)

Wed. Aug 3rd – The Anzacs (£25)

Sat. Aug 6th – Eric Silk (£25) from payment letter and from AC’s accounts

Sun. Aug 7th  The Charge (£10) from payment letter

Sun. Aug 7th – The Artwoods (£65)

Wed. Aug 10th – Wynder K Frog (£10)

The curiously named Wynder K Frog was former Fairies’ (on view here a year earlier) keyboard player Mick Weaver’s brainchild, and he adopted the name as his own in numerous session-based instances. Alan Spenner and Neil Hubbard became sometime Greaseband members, and trod the Pub-Rock boards with Kokomo. Guitarist Hubbard was even involved in Kevin Rowland’s Dexys resurrection in 2013

Wed. Aug 10th – The Graham Bond Organisation (£80)

Sat. Aug 13th – Bill Nile’s Delta Jazzband (£25)

Sun. Aug 14th – Soul System (£40)

AC’s payment letter for this gig details no fee payable to the contracted John Dummer Blues Band (£20) as they did not arrive, owing to “transport problems”, however Soul System were paid £40, presumably as replacement, as the contracted Jimmy Cliff (£50) also does not figure in the letter; also Soul System from AC’s accounts

Wed. Aug 17th – The V.I.P.s (£10)

This outfit later included one Keith Emerson within their ranks the following year before he went off and formed The Nice, appearing here with that band in 1968, and further created the prog-behemoth of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer in 1970. Remaining VIPs later became Art, and further spawned Spooky Tooth, under which name they’d be back on the Island two years later. Whilst the contracts drawn up by Arthur Chisnall invariably quoted times that the band were expected to arrive at the venue, usually 7.00pm, and also “bands arriving late at venue will suffer a reduction of fee pro rata”, both tonight’s VIPs and Wynder K Frog a week earlier had additional clauses specifying that each “group [had] to be away by 10.30pm”. What did that say about them, I wonder. Also, it’s noticeable that the arrival time clause never seemed to feature in contracts for the Saturday Jazz bands….

Wed. Aug 17th – Five Proud Walkers (£25)

The Five Proud Walkers in their own right, not backing Champion Jack Dupree tonight, only command half the fee as a result. Drummer Richard Hudson and bassist John Ford would later serve in The Strawbs, via Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera

Sat. Aug 20th – The Washboard Kings (£40)

Sun. Aug 21st – A Q Blues Band (£10)

Sun. Aug 21st – The Jimmy Cliff Show (£50) AC’s payment letter states that “Sunday 21st Jimmy Cliff did not arrive” but does feature in AC’s accounts, which is all very confusing

Wed. Aug 24th – Seventh Sun [sic](£10) from payment letter

I have been informed that these are Seventh Son

Wed. Aug 24th – The Cream (Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Peter Baker) [sic] (£60)

It’s not often that individual band members get an individual name-check on the contract: must have been something special about this lot. In reality, at the time the contract was drawn up, they hadn’t yet settled on a name, and at a number of their earliest gigs, they were billed as their respective names, sometimes prefixed as “The Cream”, referring to their reputational standing. And, in a self-fulfilling way, so they became. Tonight was only their 11th gig, coming a mere 26 days after their debut

Sat. Aug 27th – Collie’s Rhythm Aces (£25) from payment letter and from AC’s accounts

Sun. Aug 28th – The Deakin Lewis Band (£10)

Sun. Aug 28th – Jimmy Witherspoon & Dick Morrissey Qt (£80)

Jimmy Witherspoon was an American “jump blues singer” who came over, and while touring (just over three months before tonight, actually), recorded a live set at The Bull’s Head in Barnes, with Dick Morrissey’s Quartet, “Spoon Sings and Swings”. I imagine that was tonight’s fare. As an eminent sax player, Dick Morrissey became a busy bee in jazz-fusion circles from the 70s onwards with If, and Morrissey-Mullen, and has probably played with more artists than I’ve had hot dinners

Wed. Aug 31st – John Dummer Blues Band (£10) from payment letter

Wed. Aug 31st – Dave Antony’s Moods (£40)

September 1966

Sat. Sep 3rd – The Bob Wallis Storyville Jazz Band (£30)

Sun. Sep 4th – The Object (£10)

Sun. Sep 4th – Sounds Unique (£40)

Sun. Sep 4th – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (£60)

By now, Clapton having jumped ship, Peter Green was filling his boots on guitar, but apparently John Mayall and chums fulfilled a date at The Marquee tonight, so, given there are two other acts booked, above, it’s likely this one didn’t take place

Wed. Sep 7th – The Charge (£10)

Wed. Sep 7th – Herbie Goins and the Nightimers (£50)

Sat. Sep 10th – Brian Green’s New Orleans Stompers (£25) from payment letter and from AC’s accounts

Sun. Sep 11th – The Naz (£10)

Sun. Sep 11th The Artwoods (£65) from AC’s accounts

Wed. Sep 14th – The Carpet Baggers (£10) from payment letter

Wed. Sep 14th – The Herd (£35)

The future “Face of ‘68” (courtesy “Rave” magazine) Peter Frampton is now in The Herd’s line-up at the precocious age of 16. While The Herd had played here before, and were cited by many as one of the best acts remembered, that was as an R&B outfit. With success eluding them, their label Fontana got rid of their manager and half the band, brought Frampton in, and co-opted songwriters / producers Howard and Blaikley, and the rest is pop history. Well, it was for a while

Sat. Sep 17th – The Washboard Kings (£40)

Sun. Sep 18th – A Q Blues Band (£10)

Sun. Sep 18thJohn Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (£60)

With Jimmy Cliff also being contracted this would have meant two headline acts on the same night, which is unlikely, though the Mayall reference was obtained by Christopher Hjort from Micky Waller’ diary, and he was a sometime drummer in Mayall’s band. Fortunately, AC’s payment letter does include John Mayall, with no mention of Jimmy Cliff: also it’s John Mayall according to AC’s accounts

Wed. Sep 21st – The Convention (£10)

Wed. Sep 21st – Dave Antony’s Moods (£40)

Wed. Sep 21st – Stormsville Shakers

(from http://www.stormsvilleshakers.com/bandhistory.html )

Unlikely given the other two names already contracted, unless someone pulled out 

Sat. Sep 24th – New Sedalia Jazz Band (£25)

Sun. Sep 25th – The Deakin Lewis Band (£10)

Sun. Sep 25th – The Anzacs (£30)

Wed. Sep 28th – The Objects (£10) from payment letter

Wed. Sep 28th – The Artwoods (£45) from payment letter which implies that the contracted Coloured Raisins did not appear tonight, also Artwoods from AC’s accounts

October 1966

Sat. Oct 1st – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£40) from payment letter and from AC’s accounts

Sun. Oct 2nd – John Dummer Blues Band (£10)

Sun. Oct 2nd – Dave Antony’s Moods (£45)

Wed. Oct 5th – The Tea Set (£10)

Wed. Oct 5th – Seventh Sun [sic](£10) from payment letter with no mention of The Charge nor Graham Bond, both contracted to appear, implying they did not appear; also no Bond from AC’s accounts

Wed. Oct 5th – A Q Blues Band (£25)

Sat. Oct 8th – Mike Peters Jazzband (£25)

Sun. Oct 9th – The Artwoods (£65)

Contemporary poster quotes Soul System playing

Wed. Oct 12th – The Kleek (£10)

Wed. Oct 12th – The Alan Bown Set (£30)

A contemporary poster quotes Alan Brown [sic] Set playing, which would have really been The Alan Bown Set, featuring the eponymous former John Barry Seven trumpeter, as well as Jess Roden on vocals, who would later be replaced by one Robert Palmer. The Set’s first album featured their take on “All Along The Watchtower” which apparently led to Jimi Hendrix deciding to record it for himself. Confusingly, the payment letter states that The Alan Bown did not arrive, so “no fee is due” but Alan Bown does appear in AC’s accounts

Sat. Oct 15th – Alex Welsh Jazzband (£45)

Sun. Oct 16th – Savoy Brown Blues Band (£10)

Sun. Oct 16th – Soul System (£40)

Contemporary poster quotes The Artwoods playing: did they swop dates with Soul System for the previous Sunday? In any case, The Soul System evolved into The Attack, who are rather better known, or not, as being purveyors of wedding reception staple “Hi Ho Silver Lining”, but being beaten to the punch chartwise by Jeff Beck’s purloined version. Guitarist Davey O’List went on to join Keith Emerson in The Nice and various subsequent projects, including being a founder member of Roxy Music, while drummer Alan Whitehead popped up in “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” merchants Marmalade

Wed. Oct 19th – The Deakin Lewis Band (£10)

Wed. Oct 19th – Ronnie Jones and The Blue Jays (£40)

Ronnie Jones was another American soul-singer. Tonight he borrows The Blue Jays as backing band, rather than the usual Nightimers from Herbie Goins: Jones had been The Nightimers’ singer before leaving in 1965 and being replaced by Goins. The Graham Bond Organisation were contracted to appear for £80, but there is no mention in AC’s accounts, so presumably Ronnie Jones was a replacement. Meanwhile, in 2015, a CD compilation of Ronnie Jones was issued entitled “Satisfy My Soul: The Complete Recordings 1964-1968”

Wed. Oct 19th – The Graham Bond Organisation (£80)

Sat. Oct 22nd – London City Stompers (£30)

Sun. Oct 23rd – The Scots of St. James (£10)

Scots indeed, as Onnie McIntyre and Allan Gorrie featured in this line-up, later to taste success in the Average White Band during the 70s

Sun. Oct 23rd – Jack Dupree & The Five Proud Walkers (£60)

The Five Proud Walkers did a set on their own, before backing Mr Dupree on his, though a contemporary poster suggests it was solely the Walkers tonight

Wed. Oct 26th – The After Eight Blues Band (£10)

Wed. Oct 26th – The Artwoods (£50) Only paid £45 according to the payment letter

Sat. Oct 29th – Bill Nile’s Deltas (£30)

Sun. Oct 30th – Embers West (£10)

Sun. Oct 30th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£45)

November 1966

Wed. Nov 2nd – The Coloured Raisins (£10)

Future billing as “Those great soul stars of TV and radio” and “straight from the Stevie Wonder Tour” but not for a couple of years after tonight. Intriguingly, the only references to The Coloured Raisins are either as a reggae band who went on to become Black Velvet, who themselves appear on the island during the Colonel Barefoot’s era in 1970, or as a band who seem to crop up in similar roll-calls to this one, but with little info. I have seen a reference to fearsome batsman Gordon Greenidge being involved with them at some time. I’ll continue searching…

Wed. Nov 2nd – Herbie Goins and the Nightimers (£50)

Sat. Nov 5th – Alan Elsdon’s Jazzband (£40)

Sun. Nov 6th – Exile Blues (£10)

Sun. Nov 6th – Free At Last feat. Alexis Korner & Cliff Barton & Hughie Flint (£40)

Hughie Flint was added in by biro on the contract

Wed. Nov 9th – Rhythm and Soul Band (£10)

Wed. Nov 9th – The Anzacs (£25) No mention in the payment letter

Wed. Nov 9th – Butterfield Blues Band (£120)

The payment ceiling is shattered for US blues harpist Paul Butterfield’s Blues Band, also featuring Mike Bloomfield on guitar. On this visit to the UK, Butterfield recorded with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, resulting in an EP

Sat. Nov 12th – Ken Colyer Jazzmen (£40)

Sun. Nov 13th – Syrian Blues Group (£10)

Sun. Nov 13th – The Artwoods (£65)

Wed. Nov 16th – Crimes People (£10)

Wed. Nov 16th – A Q Blues Band (£25) No mention in payment letter

Wed. Nov 16th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£40)

Sat. Nov 19th – The Gothics (£15)

Sat. Nov 19th – Collie’s Rhythm Aces (£30)

Max Collie having assumed leadership, this is a renamed London City Stompers

Sun. Nov 20th – Tea Set (£20)

Sun. Nov 20th – Five Proud Walkers (£60) Only paid £30 according to payment letter

Wed. Nov 23rd – Fantastic Footprints (£10)

Wed. Nov 23rd – The Artwoods (£45)

Sat. Nov 26th – Steve Lane’s Southern Stompers (£25)

Sun. Nov 27th – Savoy Brown’s [sic] Blues Band (£10)

While the contract gets the act’s name wrong, that’s understandable, unlike when a single of theirs cropped up on a jukebox in a pub in Isleworth that I frequented in the early 70s, credited to “Savory Brown” 

Sun. Nov 27th – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (£60)

John Mayall’s revolving door has spun round once more, with Hughie Flint vacating the drummer’s stool, and being replaced by Aynsley Dunbar – who had previously worked with the Merseysippi Jazz Band, though I would hazard a guess not on their own entry in this list, as that was back in 1957 – with Flint having joined Alexis Korner’s Free At Last outfit

Wed. Nov 30th – Something Else (£10)

Wed. Nov 30th – The Graham Bond Organisation (£80)

December 1966

Sat. Dec 3rd – The Savoy Jazz Band (£30)

Sun. Dec 4th – The Stalkers (£10)

First of a number of early outings for singer David Byron and guitarist Mick Box who evolved into Spice, who turn up on the island in 1968 and 1969, before becoming “Very ‘Eavy, Very ‘Umble” hard rockers Uriah Heep

Sun. Dec 4th – The Mike Stuart Span (£35)

There was no-one called Mike Stuart in this band

Wed. Dec 7th – John Dummer Blues Band (£10)

Wed. Dec 7th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£40)

Sat. Dec 10th – Mike Daniels Delta Jazz Band & Big Band (£40)

Sun. Dec 11th – The Layman (£10)

Sun. Dec 11th – The Artwoods (£65)

Wed. Dec 14th – Savoy Brown Blues Band (£10)

Wed. Dec 14th – John Mayall Bluesbreakers (£50)

Sat. Dec 17th – Brian Green’s New Orleans Stompers (£25)

Sun. Dec 18th – Exiled Blues (£10)

Sun. Dec 18th – The Herd (£40)

Fri. Dec 23rd – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£75)

Sat. Dec 24th – A Q Blues Band (£40)

Sat. Dec 24th – The Artwoods (£100)

Wed. Dec 28th – Mike Cotton Band with Lucas (£40)

Sat. Dec 31st – New Sedalia Jazz Band (£35)

Sat. Dec 31st – Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen (£90)

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