1965 Roll-call


in which Rod Stewart returns initially with The Soul Agents, and again later with Steampacket, together with Long John and Julie Driscoll. Other soul/R&B revue acts like Herbie Goins & The Nightimers and Jimmy James & The Vagabonds follow suit, while venerable US blues legends Memphis Slim, Champion Jack Dupree, Jesse Fuller and Buddy Guy are on show. John Mayall and John Dummer both fly the flag for British blues……

January 1965

Sat. Jan 2nd – Alex Welsh and his Band (£45)

Sun. Jan 3rd – Long John Baldry and The Hoochie Coochie Men (£90)

Wed. Jan 6th – The Alex Harvey Soul Band (£50)

Sat. Jan 9th – Monty Sunshine’s Jazz Band (£40)

Sun. Jan 10th – The Artwoods (£50)

Wed. Jan 13th – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Sat. Jan 16th – Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen (£40)

Sun. Jan 17th – Rod Stewart and The Soul Agents (£60)

The Soul Agents were a combo from Southampton. Their gimmick, apparently, was to perform in bare feet, a la Sandie Shaw: whether they dared that tonight is not known. Rod played with these guys over this winter, between his stint with Baldry’s Hoochie Coochie Men and Steampacket

Wed. Jan 20th – The Alex Harvey Soul Band (£50)

Sat. Jan 23rd – London City Stompers (£35)

Sun. Jan 24th – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Wed. Jan 27th – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (£40)

Roger Dean was now present on guitar, with Hughie Flint, later of the eponymous McGuinness Flint, on drums. Old stager John McVie was still the bassist

Sat. Jan 30th – Original Downtown Syncopators (£35)

Sun. Jan 31st – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

February 1965

Wed. Feb 3rd – The Alex Harvey Soul Band (£50)

Sat. Feb 6th – Terry Lightfoot’s Jazzmen (£45)

Sun. Feb 7th – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Sun. Feb 7th – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (£50)

Sun. Feb 14thThe Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Sun. Feb 14th – Long John Baldry and The Hoochie Coochie Men (£90)

Wed. Feb 17th – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Wed. Feb 24th – Buddy Guy with Rod Stewart and The Soul Agents (£90)

This was during US blues guitar legend Buddy Guy’s first visit to the UK. As I understand it, Rod would do a set with The Soul Agents, then vacate the stage for Buddy Guy, meaning the two did not actually perform together

Sun. Feb 28th – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Sun. Feb 28th – Jesse Fuller (from Tridents bassist Paul Lucas’ diary)

March 1965

Sun. Mar 7th – Long John Baldry and The Hoochie Coochie Men (£90)

Wed. Mar 10th – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Jeff Beck left the band in March to join The Yardbirds, probably making his debut with The Yardbirds on March 5th: when Beck did leave, he didn’t bother telling the band, just failed to show up, according to Paul’s brother, rhythm guitarist John Lucas!

Wed. Mar 17th – Alex Harvey and his Soul Band (£50)

Sun. Mar 21st – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Mike Jopp would be back on lead guitar after Beck’s defection

Sun. Mar 27th – Champion Jack Dupree (solo) (£45)

Another US blues legend, this time on piano, Dupree had settled in Europe by 1960, though that does not explain why he chose to live in Halifax during the 70s and 80s. The name came from his earlier boxing career, and his first recording “Warehouse Man Blues” was released in 1940. Interrupted by service in the US Navy during the war, and two years of incarceration by the Japanese as a POW, “She Makes Good Jelly” signalled his return in 1945. His biggest hit was “Walkin’ The Blues” in 1955 with Teddy McRae, which lead to national tours, and eventually a European one in 1959, where he played an unofficial (and unpaid) gig with Alexis Korner at the London School of Economics. He went on to record with all manner of younger British guitarists, such as Tony McPhee of Groundhogs fame (“Dupree’n’McPhee”), Mick Taylor, Eric Clapton, John Mayall, as well as The Band. His last release, appropriately entitled “One Last Time”, came out posthumously in 1993, a year after his death in Germany 

Wed. Mar 31st – Alex Harvey Soul Band (£50)

April 1965

Sun. Apr 4th – Long John Baldry and The Hoochie Coochie Men (£90)

Sun. Apr 11th – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Sun. Apr 11th – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (£50)

Apparently, this would have been five days after Eric Clapton’s first appearance in the Bluesbreakers, so it would be safe to say he’s onboard tonight. They were busy bees today, fulfilling a booking at the Blue Moon Club in Hayes for the same night

Wed. Apr 14th – Alex Harvey Soul Band (£50)

Sun. Apr 18th – The Artwoods (from Ronnie Wood’s diary )

Wed. Apr 21st – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Wed. Apr 21st – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (£40)

Sun. Apr 25th – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

May 1965

Sat. May 1st – Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen (£40) from AC’s accounts)

Sat. May 8th – Brian Green’s New Orleans Stompers (£25) (from AC’s accounts)

Sun. May 9th – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Wed. May 12th – Alex Harvey Soul Band (£50)

Wed. May 12th – Memphis Slim with Alex Harvey Soul Band (£90)

For tonight, Memphis Slim elects to be backed by Alex Harvey’s band, who also played a set in their own right

Sat. May 15th – Original Downtown Syncopators (£35) from AC’s accounts

Sun. May 16th – Rod Stewart and The Soul Agents (£40)

Sat. May 22nd – Alan Elsdon (£40) from AC’s accounts

Sun. May 23rd – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

Sun. May 23rd – Graham Bond Organisation (from Tridents bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

John Anderson (interviewed as part of the “Rock’n’Roll Island” documentary) had a band, The Traces, who got a slot for young unknowns, and he remembered backing Graham Bond. He did a Chuck Berry solo and got slapped on the back by a certain Eric, along with the accolade “Great solo kid”: whilst “all the guys were encouraging to us kids”, John remembers one particular musician who thought they had no talent, and were wasting their time – step forward Reginald Dwight. I have no idea whether that might have been tonight, but as John’s passing was revealed to us in October 2015 while the Museum was in full swing, I’d like to record this as a possible. RIP John

Fri. May 28th – The Tridents (from bassist Paul Lucas’ diaries)

This is the last documented gig by The Tridents

Sat. May 29th – Alex Welsh and his Band (£45) from AC’s accounts

Sun. May 30th – Alex Harvey Soul Band (£50)

Sun. May 30th – Memphis Slim with Alex Harvey Soul Band (£90)

June 1965

Sat, Jun 5th – Monty Sunshine’s Jazz Band (£40) from AC’s accounts

Sun. Jun 6th – John Lee and the Groundhogs (£50)

Tony McPhee formed The Groundhogs – named after the John Lee Hooker song, “Groundhog Blues” – and while the John Lee in question is not actually Hooker, but singer John Cruickshank’s stage name of John Lee, it was no disadvantage to be so named when they did appear as Hooker’s backing band, initially in 1964, and Hooker requested them thereafter. All of which means, however, that the bill does not necessarily mean John Lee Hooker was actually performing tonight

Sat. Jun 12th – Colin Kingwell (£25) from AC’s accounts

Sun. Jun 13th – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (£40)

Wed. Jun 16th – John Lee and the Groundhogs (£50)

Sat. Jun 19th – Terry Lightfoot’s Jazzmen (£45) from AC’s accounts

Sat. Jun 26th – London City Stompers (£35) from AC’s accounts

Sun. Jun 27th – Alex Harvey Soul Band (£50)

July 1965

Sat. Jul 3rd – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£35) from AC’s accounts

Sun. Jul 4th – The Artwoods (from Ronnie Wood’s diary)

Fri. Jul 9th – Rod Stewart and The Brian Auger Trinity (from  http://thebritishsound.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/steam-packet-family-tree-performance.html )

Like the rogue Stones entry in 1963, tonight was organised by Twickenham Tech hence the Friday, and was their second ever outing. They were rather a prototype Steampacket, though they were billed as “Rod Stewart and The Brian Augers Trinity” on the flyer, similar to their first outing just over two weeks earlier at The Birdcage Club in Southsea, but by the time they played at Exeter a week after tonight, they would be billed as Steampacket, as the lineup would then be completed by the inclusion of Long John Baldry and Julie Driscoll. Barney Bubbles once again was on hand to design the tickets for tonight: attendees are exhorted to “Come dressed WHITER THAN WHITE for graphic design Twickenham summer dance with high active ROD STEWART and BRIAN AUGER’S TRINITY to force grey out and white in, Eel Pie Island Steam Laundry”: was this the inspiration for, or the origin of, the Steampacket monicker?

Sat. Jul 10th – Brian Green’s New Orleans Stompers (£25) from AC’s accounts

Sun. Jul 11th – John Lee and the Groundhogs (£50)

Sat. Jul 17th – Climax Jazz Band (£35)

Wed. Jul 21st – Beaux Oddlot (£10)

This lot came out of someone called The Strollers, who swopped red sharkskin-tooth suits and bow-ties for long hair, black polo-necked jumpers and boots, with a revamped style based on The Pretty Things, Kinks and Stones. Main man guitarist Vic Triggle is still active with Wirral-based fundraising organisation, The Cheshire Cats

Wed. Jul 21st – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (£50)

Sat. Jul 24th – Alex Welsh Jazz Band (£45)

Sun. Jul 25th – Alex Harvey with The Soul Band (£50)

Wed. Jul 28th – The Billy Woods 5 (£30)

Sat. Jul 31st – Alexander’s Jazzmen (£20)

Sat. Jul 31st – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£20)

Cornetist Carl Spencer and his Washboard Kings clocked up a sizeable number of appearances from tonight up until the demise of Jazz on the Island. Following numerous radio appearances, and recordings, including one in 1967 with Bill Oddie on vocals, Carl called it a day in 1972, getting into the musical instrument distribution business. However, he got itchy fingers in 1997 and formed Spencer’s Nighthawks, featuring four of the original Washboard Kings. You can’t keep a good man down, clearly

August 1965

Sun. Aug 1st – The Creed (£7.10.0d)

Sun. Aug 1st – Long John Baldry, Rod Stewart, Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll (£100)

The contract’s worth to the performers hits £100 for the first time, as Steampacket take to the stage. Also, this appears to be the first time a woman had been named on a contract since Doreen Beatty with Mike Daniels’ Delta Jazz Band in 1962. While the contract was made with the above named individuals, the band name “Steampacket” is also referenced (“Please note billing Steam Packet”), so I guess that’s how they were billed

Wed. Aug 4th – The Fairies” [sic] (£10)

Featuring John ‘Twink’ Alder on drums, this outfit are not to be confused with the latter day Pink Fairies, though Twink did play with them as well, following stints with Tomorrow (who make an appearance here in 1967) and The Pretty Things

Sat. Aug 7th – New Sedalia Jazz Band(£25) from AC’s accounts

Sun. Aug 8th – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (£50)

Wed. Aug 11th – 5 Dimensions (£30)

Sat. Aug 14th – Monty Sunshine’s Jazz Band (£40)

Sun. Aug 15th – The Billy Woods 5 (£40)

Wed. Aug 18th – The Artwoods (£40)

Sat. Aug 21st – Brian Green’s New Orleans Stompers (£25)

Sun. Aug 22nd – Steampacket (£100)

Though the contract is made out to Long John Baldry, Rod Stewart, Brian Auger Trinity, and Julie Driscoll as named individuals again

|Sat. Aug 28th – Colin Kingwell (£25) from AC’s accounts

September 1965

Wed. Sep 1st – The Micky Finn (£12.10.0d)

Guitarist Micky Waller and Danny Peyronel on keys would eventually surface as Heavy Metal Kids, backing Gary Holton, of TV’s “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” semi-fame less than a decade after tonight

Wed. Sep 1st – The Billy Woods 5 (£30)

Sat. Sep 4th – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£35)

Sat. Sep 11th – London City Stompers (£35)

Sat. Sep 18th – Chris Barber (£100) from AC’s accounts

Whilst this is the only confirmed entry I can find for Chris Barber, I’ve no doubt he graced the Eel Pie Island Ballroom’s boards on many an occasion, and in any number of line-ups. One of the most influential musicians in the 50s and 60s, he straddled the musical worlds of jazz, skiffle, blues and R&B, helping the careers of Lonnie Donegan, and Ottilie Patterson (later his wife). He was influential in bringing over any number of legendary US blues artists, like Big Bill Broonzy and Muddy Waters, to name just two, to play before an unexpectedly enthusiastic British audience, all of which helped kick-start the British Blues Boom

Sat. Sep 25th – Charlie Galbraith’s All Stars (£35)

Sun. Sep 26th – John Lee’s Groundhogs (£50)

Wed. Sep 29th – John Lee’s Groundhogs (£50)

October 1965

Sat. Oct 2nd – Temperance Seven (£60)

The Temperance Seven have obviously got over their guinea-related payment fixation (see Jun 11th 1961). Art Wood’s (and Ronnie’s) eldest brother Ted was a later member of The Seven, so may have been on duty tonight, a day before young Art

Sun. Oct 3rd – The Artwoods (£60)

Wed. Oct 6th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£15)

Dave Anthony was one Tony Head, who also had connections with a 1964 outfit called The League Of Gentlemen, who themselves featured a certain Robert Fripp on guitar, many years before Fripp reprised the name following a stint with someone called King Crimson. As for The Moods, following what looks to be a large number of appearances at Eel Pie, and presumably other mid-60s hotspots, they eventually relocated to Italy, surprisingly. Curiously, the contract for this and all other dates by The Moods quotes Dave Antony without the ‘h’, which was rather prescient as the band did drop the ‘h’ on that Italian relocation, as their Milan-based management thought the pronunciation would prove problematic for inhabitants of that land: this fact has been verified by The Moods’ guitarist Tim Large, who further underlines that this was against the band’s wishes, and who helpfully points out that Roger Peacock had replaced Tony Head as being Dave Anthony! The original Dave Anthony, or rather, Tony Head, ended up working with The Fleur de Lys, and recording with South African songstress, Sharon Tandy, as Tony And Tandy

Wed. Oct 6th – Jimmy James & The Vagabonds (£30)

As well as numerous black American blues artists being presented to the Eel Pie fraternity, there was also a plethora of US soul singers, usually present on these shores courtesy of Uncle Sam’s armed forces, backed by more home-grown talent, such as Geno Washington et al. However, Jimmy James here bucked that trend and was actually from Jamaica, opting for a Soul oeuvre rather than his native Reggae, though he did get an early Ska recording out within weeks of relocating to these shores in 1964

Sat. Oct 9th – Monty Sunshine’s Jazz Band (£40)

Wed. Oct 13th – The Rick’n’beckers (£7.10.0d)

Wed. Oct 13th – Herbie Goins & The Nightimers (£40)

Herbie Goins was one of those US soul merchants mentioned above, who, having previously been featured vocalist with Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated, took over as lead singer of The Nightimers when Ronnie Jones (featured later in this roll-call) left. Joe Moretti, supplier of the immortal guitar riff on Johnny Kidd & The Pirates’ “Shakin’ All Over”, was a regular player with The Nightimers

Sat. Oct 16th – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£35)

Sun. Oct 17th – The Sidewinders (£10)

Wed. Oct 20th – The Billy Woods Five (£30)

Sat. Oct 23rd – Steve Lane’s Southern Stompers (£25)

Back in the 50s, Cyril Davies cut his teeth with these guys for about four years, before ploughing furrows further afield, musically speaking

Sat. Oct 23rd – Alex Welsh Jazz Band (£45)

AC’s accounts do not mention the contracted Terry Lightfoot’s Jazz Band

Sun. Oct 24th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£30)

Sun. Oct 24th – Jesse Fuller (£100)

American one-man band Jesse Fuller gets £100 all for himself, reflecting his popularity: apparently it was Fuller that broke The Artwoods’ attendance record at the Island. I assume the ‘fotdella’ – a foot-driven bass instrument, invented by himself (Google it if you don’t believe me) – was in evidence tonight

Wed. Oct 27th – The Artwoods (£40)

Sat. Oct 30th – Climax Jazzband (£35)

Sun. Oct 31st – The Creed (£10)

Sun. Oct 31st – John Lee & The Groundhogs (£50)

November 1965

Wed. Nov 3rd – John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (£45)

While Eric Clapton was getting as far as Greece on his projected ‘round-the-world’ jaunt, Mayall used a whole bunch of stand-ins, including John Weider, John Slaughter, Geoff Krivit, and no less a guitar player than Peter Green, all for about five minutes each, and in fact Peter would appear to have been in tonight’s line-up, leaving the next day on the prodigal’s return. Not only that, but Jack Bruce is now in the line-up, adding his considerable bass and harmonica talents to The Bluesbreakers

Sat. Nov 6th – New Sedalia Jazzband (£25)

Sat. Nov 6th – Champion Jack Dupree (£35) from AC’s accounts

Unusually, this Saturday seemingly presents both jazz and blues on the same bill

Sun. Nov 7th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£40)

Wed. Nov 10th – The Micky Finn (£35)

Sat. Nov 13th – Terry Lightfoot’s Jazzband (£45)

Sun. Nov 14th – The Worrying Kynde (£10)

‘Fig’ Fagan from the band got in touch recalling supporting The Artwoods and John Mayall on other occasions. Also, having to unload their equipment on the mainland and transporting it over to the Hotel in a handcart

Sun. Nov 14th – Herbie Goins & The Nightimers (£50)

Wed. Nov 17th – The Artwoods (£50)

Sat. Nov 20th – Brian Green’s New Orleans Stompers (£25)

Sun. Nov 21st – The Creed (£10)

Sun. Nov 21st – John Lee & The Groundhogs (£50)

Wed. Nov 24th – The Right Track (£7.10.0d)

Wed. Nov 24th – Dave Antony’s Moods (£35)

Sat. Nov 27th – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£35)

Sun. Nov 28th – The Artwoods (£60)

December 1965

Wed. Dec 1st – The Just Four (£7.10.0d)

Wed. Dec 1st – The Herd (£35)

The original Herd, before wholesale changes to their line-up were made the following year: this was verified by original drummer Mick Underwood, who visited us at the Museum

Sat. Dec 4th – Ken Colyer’s Jazzband (£40)

Sat. Dec 11th – Spencer’s Washboard Kings (£35)

Sun. Dec 12th – The Curfew (£7.10.0d)

Wed. Dec 15th – John Dummer Blues Band (£7.10.0d)

Drummer Dummer patiently dragged his blues band around for years until hitting commercial paydirt with Darts over a dozen years after tonight

Wed. Dec 15th – Stormsville Shakers

(from http://www.stormsvilleshakers.com/bandhistory.html )

These featured Philip Goodhand-Tait, who would be marketed as a piano-playing singer / songwriter in the early 70s, rather like Elton John. When psychedelia hit town in summer ‘67, the Shakers became Circus

Wed. Dec 15th – The Rick’n’beckers (£30)

Wed. Dec 15th – The Vagabonds (£35)

Sat. Dec 18th – Brian Green’s New Orleans Stompers (£25) from AC’s accounts

Fri. Dec 24th – New Sedalia Jazz Band (£30) from AC’s accounts

Fri. Dec 24th – Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen (£60) from AC’s accounts

Sun. Dec 26th – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

This gig was listed in Record Retailer (thanks to Christopher Hjort for that snippet), and confirmed by Jennie Wyrill who was there, though it may have been mis-sold as a Saturday gig

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