1966 Roll-call

1966 sees the prolific John Mayall showcase Eric Clapton and any number of temporary replacements before Peter Green joins, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band command the biggest fee paid so far at the club. The Herd are popular at the Island, even before Peter Frampton joins them. While Clapton returns with his supergroup Cream, further appearances   [more...]

1967 Roll-call

1967 sees, most notably, gigs that blew everyone’s minds by Pink Floyd, but also those by Paul Kossoff, later of Free, supporting Alexis Korner’s Free At Last outfit, Julie Driscoll returning with Brian Auger, David Essex trying his luck, The Foundations mere months before hitting number 1, Carl Douglas, Ten Years After and Family (who would both go on   [more...]

1968 Roll-call

1968 sees only sporadic gigs, following the closure of Arthur Chisnall’s Eelpiland the previous September: jazz is now history, but finally, after all these years, The Who appear. Other gigs include The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, The Nice, The Moody Blues, Joe Cocker & The Grease Band, Spooky Tooth, and of course, the obligatory John Mayall &   [more...]

1969 Roll-call

1969 again sees only occasional activity on the Island, but increasingly “progressive” acts like Edgar Broughton, Van Der Graaf Generator, Stray, Hawkwind (put on by the Richmond Arts Workshop run by Grenville Sheringham), before Caldwell Smythe reinvents the venue as Colonel Barefoot’s Rock Garden with the likes of Mighty Baby, Wishbone Ash,   [more...]

1970 Roll-call

1970 represents the last hurrah for the Eel Pie Island Hotel. While the commune establishes itself in the Hotel proper, the old ballroom still manages to see appearances from acts such as Mott The Hoople, Genesis, Taste, Free, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Groundhogs and many other heroes of the 'Underground'. Quintessence may have been the last performers   [more...]
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