1959 Roll-call


sees guitarist Diz Disley bucking the trend, a ‘SKINTS BALL’ with Cy Laurie, Mike Daniels’ Delta Jazzband, and Terry Lightfoot’s Jazz Band, as well as a ‘JERKS JUMP’ featuring Bill Brunskill’s Jazzband as well as The Riversiders. In between, Kid Shillito, Micky Ashman, Mr Acker Bilk, Bob Wallis’ Storyville Jazzmen, Alex Welsh, Kenny Ball, and Dick Charlesworth and His City Gents are on show ..

February 1959

Sat. Feb 7th – Micky Ashman

Sun. Feb 8th – Dis [sic] Disley

Described by George Melly as “having the face of a satyr, en route to a cheerful orgy”, Diz Disley was a comparative rarity, being a jazz guitarist in these times of trumpet, trombone and clarinet. Inspired by Django Reinhardt, he continued his fruitful career long after tonight, playing with such diverse musicians as Stephane Grappelli, Dave Swarbrick and Nigel Kennedy (must be something about violinists)

Sat. Feb 17th – Graham Stewart

Sun. Feb 18th – Dis Disley

Sat. Feb 21st – Crane River Jazz Band

Sun. Feb 22nd – Dis Disley

Sat. Feb 28th – Bruce Turner

March 1959

Sun. Mar 1st – Dis Disley

Sat. Mar 7th – Micky Ashman

Sun. Mar 8th – Dis Disley

Sat. Mar 14th – Sandy Brown

Sun. Mar 15th – Dis Disley

Sat. Mar 21st – Mick Mulligan

Sun. Mar 22nd – Dis Disley

Sat. Mar 28th – Graham Stewart

April 1959

Fri. Apr 3rd – Ken Colyer & Neil Millett (Celebration Dance)

Sat. Apr 4th – Crane River Jazz Band

Sat. Apr 11th – Micky Ashman

Sat. Apr 18th – Brian Woolley

Sat. Apr 25th – Mike Daniels

May 1959

Sat. May 2nd – Terry Lightfoot

From this point (unless otherwise stated), the following entries are largely from contracts, together with the agreed fee, though it has been pointed out that during the purely jazz phase of Eelpiland, there was inevitably a skiffle act that would typically play during the main band’s break between sets, and of course these skifflers would be neither contracted nor advertised at all: they would quite often be members of the main band anyway.

Sat. May 9th – The Graham Stewart Seven (£25)

Fri. May 15th – Terry Lightfoot’s Jazz Band

Fri. May 15th – Mike Daniel’s Delta Jazzmen

Fri. May 15th – Cy Laurie

All the above for this night appeared under the banner “SKINTS BALL”, whatever that was meant to mean, according to the flyer

Sat. May 16th – Bill Brunskill’s Jazzband (£10)

Trumpeter Bill Brunskill first played with Cy Laurie, and up until the late 90s was still leading his band, usually at The Lord Napier in Thornton Heath. Back in 1957, in a date on the Island that I’ve been unable to trace, he was supported by the mighty First Molesey Skiffling Scouts, who featured a 13-year old Mick Avory on drums, who went on to the even mightier Kinks. In 1995, Bill was the subject of a TV documentary, “Whatever Happened To Bill Brunskill?, presented by George Melly

Sat. May 16th – The Kid Shillito Jazz Band (£15)

Sounding like a middleweight boxing contender, Kid Shillito is still tooting his trumpet in John Shillito’s Select 4, or Select 6, all over the shop – mainly Devon –  even now. Later in the year he would join Micky Ashman’s band, who have a number of credits here, both before and after tonight

Fri. May 22nd – Bob Wallis’ Storyville Jazzmen (£15)

Fri. May 22nd – Mr. Acker Bilk’s Paramount Jazz Band (£25)

There is a clause on Bob Wallis’ contract (above) for tonight stating that “This is a shared session with Acker Bilk (Club Anniversary)” with Mr Bilk starting at 7:30 and Bob to start playing at “9:00 prompt”This was the 3rd anniversary of the club, and advertised as such on the flyer

Sat. May 23rd – Brian Woolley’s Jazzmen (£25)

Sat. May 30th – Micky Ashman and his band (£25)

June 1959

Sat. Jun 6th – The Kid Shillito Jazzband (£25)

Sat. Jun 13th – Terry Lightfoot’s New Orleans Jazzmen (£25)

Sat. Jun 20th – Alex Welsh and his band (£25)

Fri. Jun 26th – Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen  (£25) (Celebration Dance)

Fri. Jun 26th – The Kid Shillito Jazzband (£15)(Celebration Dance)

Sat. Jun 27th – Micky Ashman and his Jazzband (£25)

July 1959

Sat. Jul 4th – Mike Daniels’ Delta Jazzmen featuring Doreen Beatty (£25)

Sat. Jul 11th – The Graham Stewart Seven (£25)

Sat. Jul 18th – Al Fairweather / Sandy Brown All Stars Band (£25)

Fri. Jul 24th – Ian Bell’s Jazzmen (£25)

Fri. Jul 24th – Bob Wallis’ Storyville Jazzmen (£25)

“Parade from Twickenham Green to Eel Pie Island”, with the club session starting at 8pm

Sat. Jul 25th – Micky Ashman and his Jazzband (£25)

August 1959

Sat. Aug 1st – Dick Charlesworth and his City Gents (£25)

Sat. Aug 8th – Mr Acker Bilk’s Paramount Jazz Band (£25)

Sat. Aug 15th – The Kenny Ball Jazzmen (£25)

Kenny Ball appears in his own right, having had previous with both Charlie Galbraith and Terry Lightfoot, both familiar to Eel Pie Island, and still two years away from his massive “Midnight In Moscow” hit

Sat. Aug 22nd – Graham Stewart’s Jazz Band (£25)

Sat. Aug 29th – Micky Ashman and his Jazz Band (£25)

September 1959

Sat. Sep 5th – Alex Welsh and his Band (£25)

Sat. Sep 12th – Al Fairweather / Sandy Brown All Stars Band (£25)

Sat. Sep 19th – Terry Lightfoot’s New Orleans Jazzmen (£25)

Sat. Sep 26th – Mr Acker Bilk’s Paramount Jazz Band (£25)

October 1959

Fri. Oct 2nd – Bill Brunskill and his Band (£17)

Sat. Oct 3rd – Mike Daniels’ Delta Jazzmen featuring Doreen Beatty (£25)

Sat. Oct 10th – Ian Bell’s Jazzmen (£25)

Sat. Oct 17th – Brian Woolley’s Jazzmen (£25)

Sat. Oct 24th – The Storyville Jazz Band (£25)

Sat. Oct 31st – Micky Ashman and his Band (£25)

November 1959

Sat. Nov 7th – Micky Ashman and his Band (£25)

Sat. Nov 14th – Kenny Ball’s Jazzmen (£25)

Thu. Nov 19th – ‘Jerks Jump’ 

“Dancing to four popular jazz bands, including The Bill Brunskill Group, and The Riversiders”, according to a flyer, the event having been organised by Kingston & District Student Charities Committee, hence the Thursday

Sat. Nov 21st – Mr Acker Bilk’s Paramount Jazz Band (£25)

Sat. Nov 28th – Sonny Morris and his Jazzmen (£25)

December 1959

Sat. Dec 5th – Bill Brunskill and his Band (£25)

Sat. Dec 12th – The Storyville Jazz Band (£25)

Sat. Dec 19th – Dick Charlesworth and his City Gents (£25)

Thu. Dec 24th – Dave Nelson’s Marlborough Jazzband (£15)

According to the contract, this was a shared session, with Dave’s boys doing sets 1 and 3. Who played the second set?

Sat. Dec 26th – Kenny Ball’s Jazzmen (£25)

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