Vol. 1 - 1956 - Jazz Playlist

  From 1956 Jazz loomed large at the Hotel and was the first musical movement to really create a ‘scene’ on the island. New Orleans style jazz from acts like Ken Colyer, Mick Mulligan, and Terry Lightfoot was promoted and even played alongside the emerging R&B scene – there were jazz acts performing until the Hotel’s initial closure in 1967.

Vol. 2 - The R&B Years

  Perhaps the most famous years for the Hotel, this was when the Island played a key role in the emerging rock and R&B scene. Bands like The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Manfred Mann, and Cream graced the stage playing to a appreciative young audience made up of teenagers and local art students.

Vol. 3 - Colonel Barefoot's Rock Garden

  The final musical chapter for the Island, the re-opened Hotel played host to the crème de la crème of the emerging prog-rock and heavy rock scenes, including Pink Floyd, Mott the Hoople, Deep Purple and Hawkwind. Despite being a shorter period in time, the playlist is the longest, reflecting the more experimental nature of popular music at the time which had moved beyond the three minute single.
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