1956 Roll-Call

1956 Ken Colyer's Jazzmen
1956 sees Brian Rutland obtain the use of the Eel Pie Island Ballroom in April, courtesy of owner Michael Snapper Whilst I have seen mentions of The Hugh Douglas Orchestra, a dance band very popular in the area, playing at such venues as St Mary’s Hall, and Twickenham Palais as well as Eel Pie Island Hotel during the 1940s and early 1950s, by and large   [more...]

1957 Roll-Call

Acker Bilk appeared in 1957
1957 sees Eel Pie Island Jazz Club’s “Grand Gala Opening Night” celebrating the opening of Michael Snapper’s footbridge to the Island, with Cy Laurie headlining. Others featured during the year include Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen, Mr Acker Bilk and His Paramount Jazz Band, Kenny Ball’s Jazzmen, Merseysippi, Dick Bishop’s Skiffle Group and Mitz   [more...]

1958 Roll-Call

1958 sees Mick Mulligan, Mike Peters, Sandy Brown, Al Fairweather, Terry Lightfoot, and Wally Fawkes all performing at Eelpiland, together with a “Jazz Parade” starting at Twickenham Green featuring Acker Bilk and Sonny Morris, but also skiffle from the City Ramblers and folk from Sandy and Caroline Paton from the USA, and Scotsman Robin Hall   [more...]

1959 Roll-call

1959 sees guitarist Diz Disley bucking the trend, a ‘SKINTS BALL’ with Cy Laurie, Mike Daniels’ Delta Jazzband, and Terry Lightfoot’s Jazz Band, as well as a ‘JERKS JUMP’ featuring Bill Brunskill’s Jazzband as well as The Riversiders. In between, Kid Shillito, Micky Ashman, Mr Acker Bilk, Bob Wallis’ Storyville Jazzmen, Alex Welsh, Kenny   [more...]

1960 Roll-call

1960 brings to the stage the Neil Millett Jazz Band, Dave Nelson’s Marlborough Jazz Band, the Jazzmen of both Eggy Lay and Charlie Gall, The Clyde Valley Stompers, the Sims / Wheeler Vintage Jazz Band, The Mike Daniels’ Delta Jazzmen featuring Doreen Beatty, Ian Bell’s Jazzmen, Graham Stewart’s New Orleans Jazz Band, plus appearances by the usual   [more...]

1961 Roll-call

1961 sees the Pete Ridge Jazzband with Little Mo, the Avon Cities Jazz Band, New Orleans Knights led by Eric Allandale, The Temperance Seven Band (fresh from chart success), Bjorn Stokstad & his Norwegian Jazz Band (honestly), Terry Pitts’ Jazz Band, Alan Elsdon’s Jazz Band, Melbourne New Orleans Jazz Band, Ken Oriole’s Jazz Band all hit the   [more...]

1962 Roll-call

1962 sees jazz continue to proliferate through the likes of Forrie Cairns and the Clansmen, Len Baldwin’s Dauphin Street Six, Cyril Preston’s Excelsior Jazz Band, but importantly, in October a “Rock and Twist Night” is hosted on a Wednesday, featuring beat / R&B bands for the first time: Mike Berry & The Outlaws, Cliff Bennett & The   [more...]

1963 Roll-call

1963 sees the big change as R&B hits the Island big-style, taking over Wednesday and Sundays, leaving Saturdays for jazz. The Rolling Stones are given a five-month residency; Cyril Davies’ Rhythm & Blues All-Stars feature with Long John Baldry; The Yardbirds are in evidence as well as Georgie Fame’s Blue Flames, Manfred Mann, John Mayall’s   [more...]

1964 Roll-call

1964 sadly sees the passing of Cyril Davies, while Long John Baldry takes over and renames the All-Stars as The Hoochie Coochie Men, and features Rod Stewart. Pre-Jeff Beck Tridents become regulars, though not as much as the Downliners Sect who almost move in. The Manish Boys play a couple of times before being joined by David Bowie (still plain old Davie   [more...]

1965 Roll-call

1965 in which Rod Stewart returns initially with The Soul Agents, and again later with Steampacket, together with Long John and Julie Driscoll. Other soul/R&B revue acts like Herbie Goins & The Nightimers and Jimmy James & The Vagabonds follow suit, while venerable US blues legends Memphis Slim, Champion Jack Dupree, Jesse Fuller and Buddy Guy   [more...]
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